About Mia

“Mia Tagano helped me find my voice. Deeply knowledgeable and skilled, Tagano goes beyond technique. She helped me find what I really wanted to say. Working with her is a joy and a revelation. Highly recommended.”  …

As a voice coach, I have had the honor of working with executives, entrepreneurs, English language learners – introverts and extroverts.

The work is very personal, specific to your needs, your capabilities, your goals, your voice.

Through virtual 1:1 sessions and a holistic intuitive approach, I will help you fine tune your message; reveal your true voice and find the kind of courage it takes to stand on a stage speaking in front of any audience in an authentic engaging way; I can help you show up confident, competent, and approachable in a zoom meeting, on a promotional video or video profile.  If you want to be a more motivating leader – I can help you with this.

As someone who has spent 3 plus of her over 5 decades working on her voice, I understand deeply the importance of focused and connected communication whether speaking one to one, one to a few, or one to many. As your coach, I am also your mirror and will offer transformational feedback.

My style is direct and honest but kind. I won’t BS you and I won’t criticize. We will look at what is working along with where you can move to the next level in your communication. 

For a complimentary, 30-minute consult call, call me at (650) 489-5018. OR email me at mia@taganocoaching.com. Take the first step in your vocal exploration and empowerment.